MINDtalk believes...

Everyone has the ability to control the brain’s over reaction to potential threats by simply understanding some the the fundamental elements of how their brain works.

MINDtalk believes...

Everyone can find a clarity, confindence and certainty when facing their own personal and professional storms and to effectively move forward and grow.

MINDtalk helps...

Individuals and groups to achieve this by informing and educating it’s clients about the brain, and in turn translating that understanding into a set of simple and effective tools and techniques.

THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET is for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and the curious.

THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET is about becoming resilient through agile thinking, brain science and adopting a growth mindset.

THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET is about building personal resilience to manage yourself, manage others and manage difficult situations.


This online course teaches the skills and the science to building resilience in individuals and teams so they are better able to bounce back from life's inevitable set-backs.

People who share similar background respond in dramatically different ways to the same life event. Some are resilient in the face of stress, while others fall apart. The latter becomes anxious, depressed, or unable to function with they encounter adversity. Resilient people are somehow able not only to withstand but to benefit from certain kinds of stressful events and to turn adversity into advantage.

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We conduct developmental dialogues to build confidence, certainty and clarity both professionally and personally. A key-essential needed to manage self, manage others and manage situations.

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We deliver talks that inspire, educate and entertain. Our keynotes range between 30 to 60 minutes in length.

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We design and deliver learning experiences that help people develop resilience, collaboration and agile leadership skills.

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