*Difficult Conversations, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Conflict Resolution, Negotiations

Waegger Negotiation Institute (WNI) & MINDtalk’s workshops focus on critical aspects of difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, conflicts and/or negotiations. From having constructive conversations and giving difficult feedback to resolving intractable problems and strengthening difficult relationships.

With our approach, we train our clients to raise their awareness and use their skills for structuring high stake deals and solving complex disputes.

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Greetings from the Team!


Jason Birkevold Liem

Since 2000, Jason has helped people in a broad range of industries and professions to think about their thinking to build confidence, certainty and clarity. He is the founder and director of MINDtalk.

As a sparring partner, coach and facilitator Jason works with individuals and teams to utilise the science of brain-based skills to continually improve their
ability as leaders, communicators and enablers. In addition, he designs and delivers practical brain- based leadership and personal resilience programs to
improve people’s ability to manage themselves, others and situations. 

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Roar Thun Wægger

Roar is the founder and director of Waegger Negotiation Institute (WNI). He is an experienced Lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry.

Roar is an adviser/consultant for leaders and groups in conflict resolution, negotiations, mediation, and influence and advocacy work.

With negotiation education from the “Program on Negotiation” (PON) by Harvard Law school, Waegger has years of experience advising clients in difficult negotiations.

In the world of mediation, he has years of experience aiding both parties in developing unique creative opportunities that meets the needs of both parties. Roar’s ability to balance the needs and demands results in a solid win-win agreement for both parties.