Our programs can be delivered in formats ranging from a half-day, full day and up to 4 month blended learning journey. Below you will find three of our most popular programs.

We are also often asked to build programs specific to our clients needs. Let us know what you need and we’ll tailor a solution for you.

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Resilience is an ability to perform under pressure and recover from setbacks. Our programs are practical, evidence-based, and proven.

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Increasingly agile and team-based organizations make being an effective collaborator vital. We start from the ground up - with self-awareness and exceptional communication skills.

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The ability to think, understand and move to quickly and easily. An agile mindset strengthens and empowers people. It pushes them to grow and develop, and help them become better at whatever it is they do.

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Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)

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Article Excerpt:
"The program has been very successful both as measured by the high marks and comments from the participants for each full and half-day session as well as through our company wide Global People Survey.

In the most recent Global People Survey,
PGS compared the rating of managers who completed the MSMO program with others who have not. Managers who completed the course consistently scored at least 10% higher on questions like “In my department we all pull in the same direction in order to achieve our department’s goals”, and over 20% higher on “In my department we openly discuss our mistakes in order to learn from them”. PGS
will continue to invest in this program."

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The United Nations Systems Staff College (UNSSC)

Since early 2019 Jason has been working with us at the United Nations Systems Staff College on several occasions, as part of the Ergo Ego team. He has delivered sessions on brain science in the context of discussions about leadership and communication challenges. Jason's unique style, pleasant personality, experience and knowledge make him a wonderful and effective partner to work with. His sessions on the brain science behind various behaviours and ways to adjust them for better outcomes are very well appreciated by our audiences, who are typically high ranking UN officials.

Simona Constanzo Sow
United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC)


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