Success in high pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover and remain energized: in other words, to be resilient. Rooted in our work with elite performers in sport and business, our programs help people learn and practice a practical tool-kit for resilience.


Building resilience can be delivered in formats ranging from a keynote or a half-day in-person or vitraul format. 


Rooted in the science of behaviour change, Building Resilience fosters self-awareness and strong habits through assessments, deliberate practice and spaced repetition.


A personal resilience program that helps participants master the mental fitness toolkit used by elite performers in sport and business to excel under pressure and recover from setbacks.

As organizations strive to enhance their speed, adaptability, and capacity to initiate disruption rather than merely react to it, they are bound to encounter pressure and setbacks along the way.

The Building Resilience program aims to equip participants with a valuable toolkit of inner skills that will enable them to navigate their high-pressure realities effectively. Through this program, participants will learn proven cognitive tools for maintaining an optimistic and healthy perspective during challenging times. They will acquire practical methods for managing and sustaining their energy levels to optimize their performance. Moreover, the program provides strategies for utilizing proven cognitive tools to enhance resilience, allowing individuals to overcome obstacles more effectively. Additionally, participants will gain insights on how to remain engaged and motivated in the face of challenges.

By integrating these essential inner skills, individuals can transform the inherent stress and pressure of progress into a growth-oriented experience. This comprehensive approach ensures that individuals not only adapt but thrive in today's dynamic and demanding professional environments.