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In this episode Hanne is joined by Jason Liem, brain and mindset scientist, and Laura Dejuan, Creator of Brainbox at Deutsche Telekom. Together they explore learning and re-skilling from a mindset and neuroscience angle. Help your brain connect the dots, embrace frustration, focus on re-framing along with re-skilling, enable leaders ask brain activating questions in 1:1s with employees.


We talked with Jason Birkevold Liem, a Leadership Coach that fully lives his Ikigai. Ikigai is a composition of how we mix our passion, vocation, mission, and profession. In order to achieve an optimal experience of life and happiness, we have to focus on increasing the time we spend on activities that bring us a state of flow, rather than allowing ourselves to get caught up in activities that offer immediate pleasure.

Creating an environment of passion for learning, doing what you do because of your inner motivators, the inner spark to learn. That is how you can create a growth mindset environment. Find a balance between performance and learning goals within a team.